From the mirror-polished resin finishes of our entry-level models, to the celluloid loved by collectors and the precious gems on our most exclusive, bespoke creations, Montegrappa is synonymous with luxurious materials.

It is perhaps fortuitous that many of Earth’s most precious substances are also the most conducive to the art of writing. After more than a century at the vanguard of pen making, Montegrappa’s repertoire and materials expertise are the envy of the industry. Alongside creations of silver and gold, recent releases have seen increased use of neo-classical materials like titanium, bronze and exotic timbers.

With a reputation rooted in the creation of bold celluloid designs, it is fitting that Montegrappa owns the world’s largest inventory of this prized – and increasingly scarce – material. Careful management of remaining stocks will ensure that celluloid continues to adorn reissues, special editions and hallmark Extra pens for years to come.

Connoisseurs of fine writing immediately recognise the superior handle and flex of 18K gold nibs. Ebonite feeds provide the perfect companion: a pairing that infuses writing with flourish and personality. Celluloid, gold and ebonite are staple ingredients of the Montegrappa Configurator customisation platform, giving aesthetes and pen obsessives unprecedented access to these coveted materials.


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