For more than a century, a family company nested in the Italian Dolomites has remained relentlessly curious about the magical relationship between paper and the human mind.

Since beginning our quest for perfection in 1912, we have watched words become devalued by abundance. ‘Progress’ has often come at the price of substance and truth. Far from representing a suspension of progress, Montegrappa pens exist so that those who value words may savour the luxury of slowing time down.

Many of our friends and rivals delight in portraying pens as relics of days gone by. With the greatest of respect, we beg to differ. Whereas others purport to be guardians of tradition, Montegrappa remains committed to the tradition of continual innovation.

Take a journey through some of the landmark moments that have shaped a century of defying conventions

Writing history
Design and technology are making writing more accessible than ever. With personal correspondence on the brink of a boom, a group of industrialists open Italy’s first fountain pen factory.
Signature style
The Bassanese Cà Erizzo estate – still home to Montegrappa – inspires the Reminiscence pen. A century later, its bold octagonal silhouette is a constant pillar of Montegrappa design.
Pride and passion
Known throughout Italy and beyond, Bassano’s famous Elmo pens take on a new look and a new name, with the introduction of sparkling celluloid colours and the debut of the Monte Grappa insignia.
An affair begins
The company embarks on a long and fruitful relationship with stationery merchant, Leopoldo Tullio Aquila. His ensuing love for pens and the finer things in life would go on to shape four generations.
Turning the page
Having risen to become Elmo-Montegrappa’s largest customer, Gianfranco Aquila makes an offer to acquire Montegrappa and introduce it to the world. A renaissance begins.
The new way
A strictly limited release of 1,912 sterling silver 80th Anniversary pens ushers in a new era of possibilities for Montegrappa – and helps push out the boundaries of contemporary luxury.
Enter The Dragon
Audacious and complex, The Dragon sets a new standard in pen design and craft, establishing the brand’s avant-garde credentials and the young Giuseppe Aquila’s burgeoning influence.
High Praise
A prestigious Vatican commission for the Great Jubilee is honoured with a heavenly example of hand-burin engraving, elevated by the likeness, signature – and blessing – of Pope John Paul II.
Sting like a bee
After nine years under the custodianship of Richemont, the Aquila family reassumes control of Montegrappa in 2009. Tribute to Muhammad Ali signals fighting spirit and fealty to true individualists.
Celluloid on celluloid
A cameo appearance by the Chaos pen in The Expendables 2 marks the beginning of a bolder presence for the brand, and Sylvester Stallone’s role in the Montegrappa story.
Art meets science
Exploring the relationship between the pen and the human cerebrum, the Brain pen is the first of several acclaimed collaborations with neurologist and author Richard Restak, M.D.
Back on the block
Creativity, celebrity and timeless cool come to Bassano as Quincy Jones cuts the ribbon to open Montegrappa’s first flagship boutique and premiere his capsule collection, The Secret Garden.
Changing gears
Baselworld is the setting for the launch of a new paradigm in pen engineering and design. Forbes labels the complications of the Montegrappa Q1 “a technological proclamation for the industry”.
Breaking the rules
Baselworld is the setting for the launch of a new paradigm in pen engineering and design. Forbes labels the mechanical genius of the Montegrappa Q1 “a technological proclamation for the industry”.
Return to glory
Digital detox and a growing appreciation for handcraft is causing surging demand for fountain pens. Increased retail sales are exceeded by sharp rises in private, corporate and special commissions.
Journey to Westeros
Heraldry meets fantasy with the release of The Iron Throne – a wonder of lost-wax casting created and the crown jewel of Montegrappa’s wildly popular homage to the HBO series, Game of Thrones.
Made by You
Montegrappa democratises pen design with the launch of two pioneering customisation platforms: Atelier and Configurator give new creative powers to aficionados and individualists.
Forged in fire
A detachable replica of the One Ring is the only thing separating good and evil on the limited-edition The Lord of the Rings. Montegrappa explores Tolkien’s dense universe for its newest Cult series edition.
Next Generation
A two-year identity upgrade culminates with the integration of the Glacier design system and Ambigram logo across all activities: retail display, materials and packaging.
Magical writing
Montegrappa inaugurates a multi-year collaboration with J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World with the launch of Harry Potter: House Colours – a collection created to conjure passions in young writers.
The new normal
The release of the ZERO breaks new ground in contemporary design and fabrication. Made specifically for customization on Configurator, its success reflects growing interest in writing instruments as lifestyle accessories.

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